Ordering Records from Poland #general


David Edelman had a number of questions about ordering
from Poland copies of records he had found in the JRI-Poland Database.
In general, the place in which researchers will get the
most knowledgeable responses to questions about
JRI-Poland and Polish records will be the JRI-Poland
Discussion Group.

In answer to David's question -- the "pilot" project is still
going on, because JRI-Poland is still working with the
Polish Archives to develop a new order system that will
make things simpler for both researchers and the Polish Archives

What this means for anyone ordering records listed in the
JRI-Poland database -- is this:

* If you are ordering records >from the Bialystok or Lomza Archives, you
can order them thru the pilot project and pay with a credit card.

* If you are ordering >from the AGAD archive (Galician
records) you use their special ordering system.

* If you are ordering >from other PSA branches, you send
them a request for quotation to find out how much the
records will be. You send it as an e-mail attachment if
that branch has e-mail, and by snail mail if they do not.
They will respond and tell you how much the cost will be
and ask for a bank-to-bank transfer to cover the cost.
David's reference to $30 up front is >from a different
system -- this most likely pertains to asking an archive to
research a record not listed in the JRI-Poland database.

I hope this clarifies things for David and other researchers.

Judy Baston, Moderator,
JRI-Poland Discussion Group

MODERATOR NOTE: For more information about JRI-Poland, its
databases, and its mailing list, see their webpage at

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