Re: "Gaditsch., Russia" #general

Mike Posnick

I appreciate Naomi's response to my inquiry about "Gaditch," but I am not
a novice researcher. In addition, I looked at the sources Naomi mentions
in her reply, as well as several others, before posting my question. I
was hoping that someone else previously might have sought the same town
and was successful in identifying it.

Hodiatch or Gadac, more properly known as Gadyach, Ukraine, is the obvious
answer to my question. Sometimes, however, an answer is too obvious to be
believed. That is the case here.

My reason for doubting the obvious answer is that Gadyach simply is
located too far >from where this family's lore says they lived and in the
wrong direction. The parents are known to have been born in what is now
Novyy Sverzhen, Belarus. Other information >from the family indicates that
the children all were born in what is now Pinsk, Belarus. Pinsk is
located 95.6 miles SSW of Novyy Sverzhen. There are no known family
connections to any territory east of Kiev, which itself is located 263.2
miles SE of Novyy Sverzhen. Gadyach is located an additional 153.4 miles
E of Kiev!

I cannot categorically state that Gadyach is not the correct answer, but I
also am not prepared to accept it uncritically. Based upon what little I
do know and my experience as a researcher, I still would expect to find
that "Gaditch" is a place in the former Minsk, Grodno. or Volhynia
provinces, most likely a very small town in the vicinity of Pinsk.

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota
e-mail: mpoz@...

In her JewishGen message of 6/7/2003, Naomi Fatouros wrote:

Despite Mr. Poznick belief that his relative' mystery town might be in the
vicinity of Pinsk or Novyy Sverzhen, I am suggesting that "Gaditch" could
be Hodiatch, also known as Gadac. But some other Jewihsgenner might write
to say that I should have sat on my hands rather than type this response!

Hodiatch is east of Kiev and north of Polatava. Chester G. Cohen's
"Shtetl" Finder Gazetter has an entry for it, and so does "Where We Once
Walked"(WWOW). WWOW offers no information about Hodiatch (or Gadec) and
says only that it could not be found under the given spelling in the
gazetteers of the US Board on Geographic Naomes.

Mr. Posnick should try Jewishgen's ShtetlSeeker to see whether there
are closer matches, and also try to find his relative's ship manifest to
see how the EIDB volunteers spelled it in transcription and to see how
the mystery town was spelled on the manifest itself.

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