Re: "Gaditsch., Russia" #general

Mike Posnick


Thanks for your message. I want to make sure that you and everyone else
understands that I have not rejected the opinions of the "experts" out of
hand. I have been aware of Gadyach >from the beginning of my research--
it's the readily apparent answer to my question. And I'm fully aware that
our ancestors moved around more than most people believe. If you will re-
read my last message on the subject, you will see that I merely am looking
to see whether there is a better answer.

My reason for questioning Gadyach is that it does not fit the other facts
of which I am aware. As I mentioned, the family lore is that the children
all were born in Pinsk. One of the first things a good researcher learns
is that there is an element of truth to most family stories. I can think
of no reason why the family would have said the children were born in
Pinsk if they actually were born in Gadyach, especially when the two towns
are so distant >from one another.

I also am aware of the places you suggest. I agree with you that one of
them well may be the town I am seeking. The correct answer, if one ever
is found, probably will be found in other family information that I have
yet to discover.

Let me emphasize that my purpose in submitting the question to the list
was not to obtain research help. I am perfectly capable as a researcher.
It was to determine whether anyone else previously had faced exactly the
same question, to learn how they resolved it, and to find out why they
resolved it in the manner they did.

Mike Posnick

In her JewishGen message of 6/8/2003, Sally M. Bruckheimer wrote:

Well, you have rejected the opinions of the experts, so let me see if I
can come up with and alternative location. I went into Shtetl Seeker and
found Novyy Sverzhen. Then I looked by location-for towns nearby.
Starting with G, there is a Gorodzey or Horodziej, 12.5 miles to the SW.
But starting with K is Khotishche-if 'Gaditsch' is there, I suggest that
it might be Khotishche, at 5407 2539, it is 63 miles away, but in the
general neighborhood, and it sounds like Gaditch.

But don't reject Gadyach out of hand. Naomi and Alexander have correctly
identified a lot of places which people couldn't find, and people moved
around a lot more than we think. In particular, there was a great
movement >from the NE Poland/Lithuania/Belarus region to Ukraine, so they
might have lived in one place and moved to another.

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