Re: Translation of the Polish word "szpektor" #general

Gershon bi-Kroke <gershon_gp@...>

Does anybody know a translation for the profession that reads in
Polish as szpektora (for a man) or szpektarow (for a woman)? I was
stumped by this word which appears for two individuals on my great-
grandparent's marriage registration; it did not appear in several
Polish dictionaries, and several native Polish speakers have told me
that there is no such word. (One even remarked, "I read Nowy Dziennik
every day, but I've never seen that word.)
There is no such word in contemporary Polish, and I haven't heard of it
ever. Perhaps it was a localized form of 'inspector' transferred into
'inszpektor' and then 'szpektor' - just guessing...

I have the same problem with Warsaw - the 1856 directory of inhabitants
says: profession 'szajder' - what can this be????


G. Gembala
Krakow, Poland

Researching Gleich, Pillersdorf, Kletzel,
Eskreis, Janczer (Galicia), Simson (U.S.)

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