Canadian Immigration Question #general

Shawn Weil <weil.17@...>


I am trying to locate the immigration records of a Solomon Fibish. He
emigrated >from Romania to Barre, Vermont via Canada. The 'Certificate of
Arrival' included with his naturalization papers indicated:

Port of: Montreal, Canada
Name: Schlome Favish
Date: Aug 9, 1906
Vessel: Grand Trunk Railway

I've looked him up in the St. Alban's list index, but could find neither
him, his wife (Dora/Gohres), nor his two children (Jennie and Nat) who
arrived 1 year later. I can look him up by date, but I fear he will not
be there. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Shawn Weil
Columbus, OH

WEIL, WAHL, WOHL, ABRAMOWITZ >from Dzikow (Tarnebrzeg), Poland
TELLES, TELEFUS, and FISHERMAN >from Khotin, Ukraine; Israel
BIRNBERG, >from Medzhibozh and Khotin, Ukraine; UK; Argentina;
GOLDER, MOSKOWITZ, LIEBOWITZ, FIBISH >from Romania; Brazil; Israel
BROITMAN, DARISH >from Ukraine; GLANTZ, LAMPERT >from Philadelphia, PA;

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