Lack of Country #general

Robert Fraser <rwfgjf@...>

Dear Genners -

Yes, it's been said before many times, but - please, please, would posters
please remember that not all readers are >from the USA and many are not
native English speakers. A message saying, for example, "My grandfather
came here at the age of 10 >from Hotzplotz" tells us nothing. If you do not
give minimum information, how can you expect useful and meaningful

Also, when quoting addresses - Wazoo City, VA may be understandable to US
readers. It may even be understandable to Australians. But it may mean
nothing to a non-native English speaker >from Russia or Brazil.

When composing a message, please bear in mind that we don't all know what
you know and what you think we know.

Shabbat Shalom

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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