Re: Canadian Immigration Question #general

Peter S. Wyant <p.wyant@...>


have you looked up the immigration of these folks in the Canadian Incoming
Steamship Passenger Manifests available >from the National Archives of
Canada? The manifests will usually show other useful information including
former place of residence, etc. You've got the port and date of arrival so
finding him should be very straightforward. I can give you more details if
you need them.


Peter Wyant
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Shawn Weil wrote:

I am trying to locate the immigration records of a Solomon Fibish. He
> emigrated >from Romania to Barre, Vermont via Canada. The 'Certificate
> of Arrival' included with his naturalization papers indicated:
> Port of: Montreal, Canada
> Name: Schlome Favish
> Date: Aug 9, 1906
> Vessel: Grand Trunk Railway
> I've looked him up in the St. Alban's list index, but could find neither
> him, his wife (Dora/Gohres), nor his two children (Jennie and Nat) who
> arrived 1 year later. I can look him up by date, but I fear he will not
> be there. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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