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Dear Cousins,

A relative of mine immigrated >from Trakai, Lithuania, in 1907. His given
If you get to Lithuania, do not fail to visit Trakai, one of *the*
beauty spots of Europe, with a magnificent and well-preserved castle
in the middle of a lake.

name on the manifest & passenger record is "Owsey." Last name ADELSOHN.
Though it's a good joke on him, what might that be a misspelling of?
I confess that I do not get the joke. Part of the difficulty you are
having with this name may be a result of the transliteration >from the
Lithuanian or Russian writing system. Both of these have special
characters for what English writes as "SH". For the ship's purser
however, an "S" is an "S", thus distorting the phonetics. If you write
the name as "Owshei", its relationship with "Yehoshua" may become

The name is thus see to be not, as someone has said, a Russian name.
It also has no relationship whatever to "Samuel", which was another
offered hypothesis. As has been pointed out here >from time to time,
there is no necessity for post-immigration names to be related to
those given at birth.

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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