Re: Canadian Immigration Question #general

Peter S. Wyant <p.wyant@...>


I'm not that familiar with the so-called "St. Alban's" lists ... would
someone know if they show persons travelling >from the U.S. to Canada as
well as the other direction (which is, I understand, the usual direction
of travel for the informatiion on these lists??

Peter Wyant
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Stan Goodman wrote: (Peter S. Wyant) opined:
>have you looked up the immigration of these folks in the Canadian
>Incoming Steamship Passenger Manifests available >from the National
>Archives of Canada? The manifests will usually show other useful
>information including former place of residence, etc. You've got the
>port and date of arrival so finding him should be very straightforward.
>I can give you more details if you need them. <<<
>>The above is tantalizing for me. The person for whom I am searching
> arrived at Ellis Island in 1900; according to the passenger manifest,
> his destination was a specific address in Montreal, and I assume that
> he journeyed there by rail. Would there be a record somewhere of the
> entry of this immigrant?

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