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Since Owsey is probably Yehoshua, which can be Shiya as a nickname that
probably led to Sam as his English name. Sam seems to be one of the most
popular male forenames for new immigrants.

Dear Cousins,

A relative of mine immigrated >from Trakai, Lithuania, in 1907. His given
name on the manifest & passenger record is "Owsey." Last name ADELSOHN.
Though it's a good joke on him, what might that be a misspelling of?

He later became Samuel ADELSON, and lived in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Unless it's useful for other genners, please reply privately to

Steve Orlen
Tucson, Arizona
I believe, Steve that this might useful for other genners.
Owsey (Ovsey, Owsej) is a reflection of the humiliating practice of the
Russian government and the Orthodox Church to deprive Jews >from their basic
heritage and even use traditional Jewish names.

Biblical names that have been adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church for \
the pantheon of their own saints, have been forbidden to be used by the
Jewish people.

A bastardized versions of the proud names of our forefathers have been
forced to used. Thus Moses became known as Movsha and Joseph as Owsey.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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