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Shawn Weil <weil.17@...>

Thank you to all have responded to my original query. Since I have
received so many good suggestions, and found some good resources on the
web, I thought that I would send the list some links with information
about Canadian immigration and US immigration via Canada.

The National Archives of Canada:
Includes *much* information about Canadian immigration, broken down by
date, port, and circumstance.

The Ships List also has a very informative page on the subject

National Archives and Records Administration - article on the St. Albans lists:
This article describes the information that you would find in the St.
Albans border crossing lists

Another informative page about the St. Albans - an FAQ - can be found here:

What the NARA article does not make too clear is that the St. Albans lists
are not a complete record of *all* border crossings into Canada. For
example, my grandmother's record was actually found in M1480: Manifests of
alien arrivals at Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Rochester, New York, 1902-1954.
I suspect that my FIBISH family is in record M1462. Alphabetical Index to
Canadian Border Entries through Small Ports in Vermont, 1895-1924. 6
rolls. Although they crossed through St. Albans in 1906 and 1907, they
were not the big "St. Albans List" - M1461: Soundex Index to Canadian
Border Entries through the St. Albans, Vermont, District, 1895-1924.
Because M1462 is not available through the family history centers, I will
have to wait a while to find out if I am correct - I do not live near any
of the NARA branches, and I do not believe that the NARA staff will look
for immigration records for me; it is just too time consuming.

Some other films to try for Canadian emigration:


Shawn Weil
Columbus, OH

WEIL, WAHL, WOHL, ABRAMOWITZ >from Dzikow (Tarnebrzeg), Poland
TELLES, TELEFUS, and FISHERMAN >from Khotin, Ukraine; Israel
BIRNBERG, >from Medzhibozh and Khotin, Ukraine; UK; Argentina;
GOLDER, MOSKOWITZ, LIEBOWITZ, FIBISH >from Romania; Brazil; Israel
BROITMAN, DARISH >from Ukraine; GLANTZ, LAMPERT >from Philadelphia, PA;

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