Romania - 'Village of The Iron Bridge' - Bacau. #general

Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

Dear Genners,

After many years of research and finally printing out my family tree and
sending it off around the world, I have just received information as to
the exact area in Romania where part of my family lived.

A cousin is going to visit in July and would like to have as much
information at his fingertips so as not to lose precious time.

Family CATZ/KATZ – apparently lived in ‘The village of the Iron Bridge’
Podul de Pher? In the suburb of Letia Veche in the district of Siret in
the county of Bacau.

Is there anyone who can advise where exactly this village is, where the
nearest cemetery would be, could birth/death certificates be found for
this area?. We are talking about 1900-1920.

The Katz family originally came >from Piatra Neamt, but the eldest son
Baruch settled in Bacau where he had 14 children.

This new information could possibly lead me further with investigation
into Baruch’s parents, siblings/cousins etc. so if anyone has information
no matter how small, please get back to me off line.

I thank you in anticipation.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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