Re: French Underground or Resistance #general

Lifshitz-Krams Anne

Is anybody doing any research on the French Underground or Resistance of
World War II or does anybody know of a data base (preferably in English)
that I may be able to access? My mother's aunt Toba & her husband, Max
KUDEK fought in the French Underground before they were captured & sent
to a concentration camp.
=== I could not find their name in the book concerning the Jewish
Resistance. But as they came >from Poland, there is a good probability that
they were engaged in the FTP-MOI, that did not belong to what is called
"Jewish Resistance", but where more than 50% were Jews >from Eastern Europe.

The association that could give you some information is :
Union des résistants et déportés juifs de France
35 Place Saint-Ferdinand - 75017 PARIS
email : urdf@...
Fax : 33-1 45 72 11 70
Directeur : Adam Rayski

CGJ - Paris (France)

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