Novoalexandrovskyi, Kaunas, Vydzka,Baban? #belarus


Dear Genners,

I am sending this at the suggestion of Dave Fox. For all of you who read
this posting a couple of days ago on the JewishGen site, my apologies for
repeating myself.

A few days ago, I received a translation of the Russian army service
record for my grandfather, Henoch ABELOWITZ. On the advice of the moderator
I am not sending the entire translation, due to its length.

I haven't had time to do my homework on this, but the places listed above
are mentioned in the papers. He was a rifleman in the 2nd Eastern Siberian
rifle regiment ( 1894 - 1899), and was admitted to and discharged >from
service in Novoalexandrovskyi Uyezd, City or village Vydzka, Gubernia
Kovenskaya (Kovno - now Kaunas, Lithuania). Also mentioned is the city

At one point he was permitted to travel to the city of Vil'na, and went to
Ekaterinslav (which is where I thought he originally came from). Uman and
Baban are also mentioned.

I have received numerous e-mails >from people with information about the
locations of most of these towns, so please don't go to the trouble of
looking them up for me.

If anyone is interested in seeing copies of the complete translations,
I'll be happy to e-mail them privately. I also have similar papers for my
other grandfather, Michel Leizer TROYANKER/TROIANSKY, who served in the 73rd
infantry Crimea's His Emperor's Highnesses Grand Princes Alexander
Mikhailovitch's regiment (1891-1902). the only unfamiliar place name in that
set is a city called Baturin. (He came >from the Uman area.)

Also, for the information of those of you who are looking for your own
family's army redords, I cannot help at all. These papers were found among
my family's old pictures, and have been hanging around unseen for decades
until now.
Thank you,
Apex, NC

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