JOWBR- Koenigsbuch another discovery #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Just found out on JOWBR that Amalie Teichtel-
Koenigsbuch who died on 6 Sept,1942 is buried in
Johannesburg,SA.It was a total surprise for me to
discover that we had,and perhaps have nowadays,
relatives in South Africa.Until a few months ago I was
convinced 200% that all the Koenigsbuchs,except for my
late mother and uncle,perished in the Holocaust.
Would appreciate hearing >from anyone about more
Koenigsbuchs in the world.Some may perhaps moved from
South Africa to Australia.
Have discovered in the meantime relatives in
Israel,USA,Argentine and France.
The family hails >from Brzesko,Galicia but many of
those who survived moved >from there to Germany between
Jacob Rosen

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