Searching: a female GOLDSTEIN (Bolivia) #general

kristine petersen <kristyp16@...>

Im looking for female jewish woman >from Bolivia. She's name
is Xemina (can be too Xermina or Hermina) Goldstein and
is born early in 50's (or maybe earlier or later).
Her father is irish jew and her mother is russian jew.
They have probably move to Bolivia and got a child name
Xemina Goldstein. Xemina has got a child with a man and
die when the child was 2 months old.
Xemina's child never knew his mother. He wants to find
his mother and get a prove of his jewishness.
Hope someone can help me to find her.
He live in a muslim country and he live a life in danger
where he never tell any of his jewishness and he
wants to return to his jewish roots.
I help him to find his mother because it's too
riscy for him to do it by his own.

kristine petersen

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