Re: FISHER in Canada #general

Peter S. Wyant <p.wyant@...>


I'd suggest starting in Saskatchewan rather than British Columbia.
Smaller place, easier to search, friendly people. You first want to
assemble all the information you have, including names, dates & places
when the family lived in Saskatchewan. Then I'd send the Saskatchewan
Genealogical Society an enquiry at:

The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable and there are researchers
there who will assist you. There's a complete series of local and
regional history books at the SGS for the rural areas and all the larger
population centres have directories that can be searched. That should
confirm your information that Sask. was in the picture. Almost all the
cemeteries in the province have been recorded as well.

If you've got any specific questions about Saskatchewan research, send
me a post.


Peter Wyant
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

jan mensink wrote:

I have recently been told that my family on my mothers side was
Jewish. The name was FISHER. The lived in Saskatewan and moved to
Vancouver, BC CAnada. The family was supposedly of German heritage.
How would a person find more out about this. I have tried many avenues
including going to salt lake city ot the morman geaneology center, all
to no avail.
Jan Mensink

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