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<< There is no published list of the 10,000 Jewish children who were
brought to England in 1939.Just discovered that 2 young sons(ages unknown)
of Adolf Koenigsbuch >from Hamburg were on the KT.Contact with them was

Any suggestions,any clue.It is diturbing/fascinating to find out at the
age of 55 that your family members were both on Sugihara List and on the
Kindertransport. Please email me privately unless you think there is a
general interest in your findings. >>

Yes, here are some suggestions of general interest.
* Repost your enquiry--and any enquiry about Jews >from German-speaking
countries--on Gersig, the German Special Interest Group which can be found
on the webpage of
* You will also find a UK site on jewishgen, jcr-k@....
* Make a web search for the Koenigsbuch name
* Make a web search for Kindertransport
* You might find the Koenigsbuch name in many British records--current
or past phonebooks, Jewish Chronicle, Government archives, etc.
* They are likely to have dropped the e following the o, if they have
not made more drastic changes to their names
* Look them up on , a quirky British site
that's a rough equivalent of the Ellis Island Database. If these
Koenigsbuch children were born before 1924, you might even discover their
records before a tribunal which judged "german citizens" on whether they
should be interned as potential spies or guerillas.

Michael Bernet

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