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<< Thank you Michael for sharpening the issue of the problematic
connection of Levis' and Kohanim, in the suggestions made by "Otzar
Roshei Teivot".

==In defense of the authors of "Otzar Roshei Teivot", they made no
suggestion about the "connection of Levis' and Kohanim"--O.R.T is a
dictionary of acronyms (roshey teyvot) and they report simply what a
string of Hebrew initial letters is designed or believed to stand for.
Again, the Kohanim were descendants of Aron haKohen who, like his brother
Moshe, was a descenant of Levi.

. . . . The Hebrew word seggel means: staff / personal / suite / corpus /
corps etc. So I suggest: Seggel Leviyim, or in short "SEGAL".

==An alternative that i have been considering for many years and that I
stated very clearly in my most recent posting
< I have played with the idea that "Segel Leviah" ("of the Order of the
Levites") might be a better explanation for the term SEGAL when applied to
Levites, but I am apparently the only one who thinks Segel Leviah would be
an appropriate origin--and even I am very, very, very far >from being
convinced of this origin. >

As I said, I don't buy that explanation. Why did it take 1000 years for
it to suddenly appear in the Rhineland? Why has none of the great
scholars of the past come up with that suggestion?

The SEGAL-Levite problem has not really been solved.

Michael Bernet, New York

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