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Dear Genners,

I am sorry to be sending this through the group, but my mail to him is

Dear Marc,

I found your name researching ACHENBLUT in Jewishgen's family finder. I am
researcher 27853.

My pggm's maiden name was Ethel (Yetta/Etta) ACHENBLUT (any spelling). She
died in Chicago on April 17, 1931. She was about 66 years old. The
informant on her death certificate was SAMUEL D. HACKEN living at 3527 W
Van Buren, Chgo.I am assuming that some Achenblut's changed their name to
Hacken. It makes very good sense. At the time of her death she was living
at 1141S Springfield Av. Chicago, Il.

Her father's name was David. Her mother was Rivka nee MALKONSKY/MALKOVSKY.
Her parents were both >from Zolobein, Poland. She came >from Soroki near
Kishinev. She may have been born in Kishinev.

She was married to Isaac (Jacob) KOVISHANSKY >from Kishinev. They came to
America in the 1880's and settled in Chicago. In 1918, her son Dave
changed the family name to KOVIN, but I understand that some kept the

They had 9 children.
Abe b 1884
David (my pgf)
Rose b. 1903

I do have a picture of her taken >from her headstone if you are interested.

Does any of this info ring a bell, or is their anyone in your family to
check with?

Looking forward to hearing >from you
Regards,Bobbi Cohen, San Diego, CA

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