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< I have some names and places and would appreciate any
advice I'd like to know if the names might be Jewish. Names are as
follows: Stanley SIENKIEWICZ; Josie LIWRECOMA(corva?); Joseph
Sienkiewicz; Vincent SYSKA; Sofia of Sophie Syska; Katharine KIOZIOT;
ZEMAN ( >from Szymanski, Szymansky?) Certificates all say location is
Russia/Poland together, obituary says Wilno, Poland. Thank you, Molly
Zeman >

The name "ZEMAN" may be Jewish, as I know a Jewish family by that name. In
Yiddish "tsin" means "tin". TSINMAN (or TSIMAN which could be written
Zeman) would mean "tin man" or someone who works with metal (not as in
the Wizard of Oz <BG>). See Beider's Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from
The Russian Empire, p 588. However, it may have nothing to do with this
and may not be a Jewish name in the case in question. Rather, it may be a
geographic name related to the forementioned place Szymanski.
SZYMAN=Zeman. If so, it may or may not be a Jewish name.I think it's
worth exploring a possible Jewish origin, but extrapolating Jewishness
>from this alone without any other evidence would not be convincing.

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

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