Re: The SEGAL name and Levites #general

Udi Cain

Nick Landau wrote:

You might wish to look at this explanation >from the Segal Organisation
(sic) which I found on the web.

=In that web page I found another explanation which relates to the Hebrew
word "segol" (the color violet/purpel):
"It may have been a reference to the Levite color. This
explanation may be consistent with the other explanations, having been
intended as something of a pun in addition to the acronyms."

If I can recall, the ancient Hebrew word for violet was: "argaman".
The color was made out of winkles.
So it should have been: ARGAL / ARGAMAL (Argaman Levi) rather than SEGAL

Now to try and be more serious:
Just like the guilds which started to appear during the Medieval, the
Jewish "guilds" were of tailors [the importance of the Jewish tailors was
Because of the prohibition of sha'atnez (mixing incompatible threads -
wool and linen), special strictness had to be observed].
The "guild" of the Levis, was actually a virtual guild, people who kept the
tradition of being Levis, and got ready to serve in the new coming temple,
right after the entry of the Messiah.
The Messiah was on his way, and almost appeared in gaps of about hundred
years, but it turned to be fake, or better, none.
The crusaders made a lot of harm to the Jewish communities of Europe, but
from the other hand the desire and belief that the Messiah is coming soon,
So the Levies started getting ready and called their "guild" SEGAL.

If you decide to pore electronic "cold water" on me, but please make sure
that it will not include ice :-))

Best regards,
Udi Cain, Jerusalem

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