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<< The "guild" of the Levis, was actually a virtual guild, people who kept
the tradition of being Levis, and got ready to serve in the new coming
temple, right after the entry of the Messiah.
The Messiah was on his way, and almost appeared in gaps of about hundred
years, but it turned to be fake, or better, none.
The crusaders made a lot of harm to the Jewish communities of Europe, but
>from the other hand the desire and belief that the Messiah is coming soon,
So the Levies started getting ready and called their "guild" SEGAL.

==All very nice, but I know of no tradition that the Levites suddenly
organized themselves into a guild or anything else. Two Levi'im can not
even be called to the Torah in succession, and the only place I know where
two or more Levi'im (as Levi'im) could be found adjacant was when washing
the hands of the Kohanim before the latter mounted the Dukhan to pronounce
the threefold blessing. In the Rhineland, that would have averaged between
seven and eight times a year.

==Unless they were hiding >from the Kohanim or the tax authorities, there
was no reason for Levis to give their "guild" a new name. Levi'im was an
adequate name.

Michael Bernet, New York

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