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Hi Jacob,

Contact L S Montague of the Jewish Refugees Commitee, part of World Jewish
Relief, at

The Forum
74/80 Camden Street

Tel +44 (0) 7691 1781
Fax +44 (0) 7691 1780


They hold the records of Kindertransport children arriving in England. You
have to be persistent. I sent two emails and then finally rang up and
convinced them I was genuine. They then sent me information which allowed
me to trace an elderly cousin a few times removed and we are now happily
in touch.

Also the following will no doubt help you:

The British Kindertransport Group at

US Kindertransport Group at

Alice Josephs
Researching DON Pultusk, Poland, JOSEPHS (YUBLOSKY, JABLUSZKO) Ciechanow,
Poland, HERZ Kochendorf, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany, STERN Heppenheim an
der Bergstrasse, Germany, MARKUS Otterstadt, Rheinland Pfalz, Hainchen and
Roedelheim, Hesse, Germany and GRUEN Roedelheim, Hesse, Germany.

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From: Abuwasta Abuwasta <>
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 09:18:23 -0700 (PDT)
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There is no published list of the 10,000 Jewish
children who were brought to England in 1939.Just
discovered that 2 young sons(ages unknown)of Adolf
Koenigsbuch >from Hamburg were on the KT.Contact with
them was lost.
Any suggestions,any clue.It is diturbing/fascinating
to find out at the age of 55 that your family members
were both on Sugihara List and on the Kindertransport.
Please email me privately unless you think there is a
general interest in your findings.
Jacob Rosen
Jerusalem >>

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