Trying to locate a town in Russia (1915) #general

Dixie Halber <dhalber@...>

I am trying to locate the town that my husband's greatgrandfather, Yankiel
(Jacob) Rechter, is from. Here's the information we have, perhaps someone
can help us unravel the mystery.

He arrived at the port of Philadelphia in 1910. The manifest listed his
city of birth as Szranetz Russia and last residence as Valetchish. He
listed his father as the relative in Russia in the town of Moloczok
(possibly, it was hard to make out on the manifest and I neglected to copy
it). On his naturalization papers (which I do have a copy of) also list
the cities as Szranetz and Valetchish.

On the 1920 Philadelphia census he is listed as being >from Russia. In the
1930 census, it says he is >from Poland. Presumably this is because the
area he was >from was then under the ruling of Poland.

I have checked ShtetlSeeker and can find no exact match and the soundex
matches are too numerous to even begin. I have poured over a 1915 map of
Poland and Russia and can't find anything that seems likely. Has anyone
ever heard of this place? There isn't much information on this side of the
family and I'm having trouble narrowing down where it might be.

Dixie Halber

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