Israel/Isidore #general

Anita Citron <anitac47@...>

I suppose I just want confirmation of the fact that an ancestor with the
>>Hebrew name of Israel could be the same person as one with the given
>>name of Izidor.

Don't know about the rest of the world but in NYC it was an extremely
common secular name. As was Irving and Irwin. Since there are not a huge
amount of names beginning with I in English-speaking countries any name
that began with I was a good choice. Ira as well. And the nickname for
Isidore is Izzy. Issac/Yitzhok (sp) became Itchy or Yitzy. And while I am
on this bend, Ari, in my uncle's case became Acky because when my
grandmother yelled out the window for him to come in the throaty R in Ari
sounded like a K in the air currents of Brooklyn.

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY
BENDERSKY (Ladyzhin/Odessa),ODESSKY(Lipovets/Odessa),
TRACHTENBERG(Gritsev/Starykonstantinov/Odessa/Vienna/Belgium), FURMAN
FINGERHUT/FINGERET (Ananyev/Voznesensk/Odessa), MEDNIK/WILDMAN (Berdichev)

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