Re: Izidor & Israel, Thank you! #general

Mary B

I want to thank all of you for the helpful information you have given
me. Thank you for taking the time with this small question, I was
overwhelmed! It seems that it is very *likely* the same person. But
I want to emphasize that this person never emigrated >from Slovakia to an
English speaking country. Izidor must have been his secular name in his
own country.

Mary Blumenstein
Melbourne, Australia

The following is >from Michael Bernet:

==As one who responded with information on the topic who has not "agreed
that this is one and the same person," I believe I have the right to a

==a little correction is in place. There is no direct connection between
Israel and Izidor (or the more common spellings Isidor[e] and Isador).
One is a Hebrew Biblical name and means "Prevailed in a struggle with God"
and the other is a Greek name meaning "Gift of the Egyprian god Isis."

==The best we can say is that Isador etc was often a name used by someone
named Israel in Hebrew. Isador could as easily have been Isaac, and
Israel could as easily have been Ignatz. If you have other supporting
evidence to link the two, there is no reason to think that the two names
could not have applied to the same person.

==Please fwd this message to the others who received your current
message, so that nobody be be misled.


Michael Bernet, New York

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