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<< Ros Romem wrote:
A friend/distant family remembers the name of his mother's shtetl/town
as "sounds like a lot of sneezes" .... seriously. It could be anything
but as it may help me find my own family I am curious to have your

I think you would have to know what onomatopoeia your family associates
with a sneeze. In American English, a sneeze, is 'Achoo', but in Hebrew,
for instance, a sneeze is "Haptchoo (with a hard H)". I assume that other
dialects have their own interpretation of the sound of a sneeze! >>

==I agree. In some countries people would probably sneeze Chechen (in the
Caucasus), others Szczecin (named Stettin under German rule). Polish has
enough s, z and c's to make many towns and villages sound like a sneeze,
just as Germany has enough ch and ck's to sound like a cough.

But the basic question is nothing to sneeze at. Perhaps someone will
cough up a solution.

Michael Bernet, New York

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