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What about Ira Gershwin?


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<< It is possible that Ira was known in Europe as any Hebrew name, but
more likely something starting with I. Isaac? Israel? Any other
Hebrew I name.
Also, because the I and the J were interchangeable at one time, he
could have been a J like Joseph, but I think this much less likely-he
would have been called Joe. >>

<==Reference to an authoritative resource, like Beider's Dictionary of
Ashkenazi Given Names, would help anyone trying to understand or explain
Hebrew or Yiddish first names. Ira is a Yiddish name with a history of
many centuries. It is derived >from the Hebrew name Uri ("my light").>

*= I would like to suggest that "Ira" appears in the English translation
of the Bible at least five times as a translation to the Hebrew name:
Ayin - yod - resh - allef It seems to me as a name of Aramaic origin and
can be interpreted as: HaAyir (donkey-foal).

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