Sephardic Name -Lithuania-Seattle #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I would like to respond to Mr. Shleman's posting about
Dranis family in Lithuania.
Though I have no idea about Dranis I know of another
Sephardic family in Zager called TODES.One of their
sons, Moses, came to study in Hertzlia Gymnasium in
Tel Aviv in 1911 and during a summer holiday back in
Zager in 1914 was stuck there unable to return to
Palestine. Fearing to be drafted to the Tsar's army he
escaped via Japan and arrived in 1915/6 to the States
via Seattle and joined his brothers in NY.He later
joined the Jewish Legion and retuned again to the USA
in 1919 this time via Ellis Island where you can find
his entry online.His brother Moses entered already in
1902via NY.
The moral: not everyone entered via NY or
Rochester.Seattle should be checked as well. Look how
we Jews can complicate matters....
Jacob Rosen

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