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Michael Bernet, New York <> wrote:
the Chaim-Vital combination was quite common, especially
in Sefardi families, for the reason you stated: Chaim is the Hebrew
equivalent of Vital.

Would someone be so kind and share with us examples for VITAL combination
which is not a family name / surname, as it appears in encyclopaedia
Judaica: "VITAL, Italian family which produced numerous scholars...".
We also know >from the research made by our forum's member Ury Link, that
the use of Chaim as name started only >from the Middle Ages.
We know that many German Jewish families, including many of Sepharadi
origin, left Germany during the thirty years war, to Italy.
Add to that the movement of many rabbis' >from various families to many
communities. A rabbi >from the VITAL family could have been called to
Hungary; Lithuania... you name it, and a descendant of VITAL may have waked
up one morning in Karlin:-))
A member of my extended family, Rabbi Abraham Aba CHAIMA, was rabbi in
Tels, then Finland, and later in London.
Also the combination Chaim>Shmuel>Chaim>Shmuel etc. which we know that runs
in both families, and we find it in the VITAL family of Zephat about a
century before we find it in Karlin.
I am not sure that Chaim Chaikel combination is the same as Menachem
Mendel; Zvi Hirsh etc.

Best regards, Udi Cain, Jerusalem.

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