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Iris Posner

For those interested in the history of the only unaccompanied children
rescued >from the Holocaust by the United States (of which there were
about one thousand children -- the "OTC children"), the following new
documentary has been released and other resources are also available to
teachers and researchers:

DCL Productions has released the documentary "Victim & Victor," produced
and directed by David C. Lewis which will be broadcast on WTTW-PBS
Channel 11 Chicago. The 58-minute program will air on Thursday,
September 4th at 8PM. It is the story of entrepreneur and
philanthropist, Manfred Steinfeld, one of the One Thousand Children. For
more information about the video contact: David C. Lewis.
Producer/Director, DCL Productions at email:

Websites and books pertaining to the OTC children:

For background information about the OTC rescues and the stories of
individual OTC children go to the website:

The most complete and important book containing the history of the OTC
rescues and why American did not save more children is Professor Judith
Baumel's book, Unfulfilled Promise, Denali Press, 1990. and
Children will especially be interested in these sites -- the second of
which which was created by the teenage grandson of an OTC child who also
wrote his grandfather's biography which is included with many

Children and others will also be interested to know that the "father of
American rock and roll", Bill Graham, was one of the OTC children and
there is a lot about him on the internet including at: A good book about him,
including his rescue and childhood is Bill Graham Presents by Bill
Graham and Robert Greenfield, Delta, Dell Books, 1992.

Also the daughter of an OTC child, Fern Schumer Chapman, has written
about her Mom and herself called Motherland, Penguin, 2000, and a
website: which also has a study guide.

OTC child Ben Hirsch recounts his experiences as a young man in the U.S.
in his book, Hearing A Different Drummer, Mercer University Press, 2000.
He is an architect who designed the Holocaust Memorial in Atlanta,

You can also read the biography of an OTC child who got the Nobel Prize
for discovering new atomic particles, Jack Steinberger, at:

The books of poems of OTC child Arthur Weil are listed on websites of
online booksellers.

In Lieu of Flowers, by Louis Maier, Ide House, 1995, describes Dr.
Maier's life in Europe and departure for the U.S.

Shattered Crystals by Mia Kanner, C.I.S. Publishers, 1997, describes the
experiences of the mother of an OTC child and her and her families'
escape to the U.S.

Chapters 8, 10, of The Mezuzah's Foot by Trudi Alexy, Harper Collins,
1994, describes the miraculous escape of two OTC children and their
families >from Europe to the U.S.

The story of OTC child Walter Reed's return to Europe as an adult can be
read (in German) at

OTC child Ralph Moratz's website can be accessed at

In early 2004, look for a new book written by Iris Posner and Phil Jason
which will be an anthology of first person accounts of OTC children and

Iris Posner
One Thousand Children, Inc. and Archives of the One Thousand Children

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