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On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 14:54:24 UTC, uryl@... (Ury Link) opined:

Dear Genners,

I know it is not the first time that you hear about this
problem but I must repeat it again. Today I translated
for Manuella a document >from the VieuwMate and send it ,
after 30 minutes I get a message beck with her thanks,
few words with appreciation. This I called good manners.
But how much time I do the same and send translation
with no response ,not after a day or a week but never
never. it is only a few second work to replay the
same message with one word, no more is necessary ,
only the word Thanks.

Most of the genners know what are good manners and
give a response, but for the few that don't do it
is this letter.

Pleas give a response to a work that you asked to
do and a member of the JewishGen take the time to
help you with this.

We all are volunteers and do this work with pleasure,
pleas don't disappointed us.
True, a word of thanks is always welcome. On the other
hand, some of us offer assistance when we can, in
the hope of spreading around whatever little knowledge
we have acquired, while others are in it for
the effusive gratitude.

While I have received only a few messages of
thanks over the years (and have appreciated them all),
the true reward is in making up the slack in
the knowledge of people who, for whatever
reason, are less knowledgeable in Jewish genealogy,
Judaism, or the relevant languages -- which is
where we all started.

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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