Re: Blonia Doholucka-where is this? #general


On Aug. 13,, 03, Denise Azbill (famaz1@...) asked where
Blonia Doholucka might be, as she could not find it in the Shtetl Seeker.

In my old Columba Lippincott Gazetter I found an entry for place called '
"Blonie." It is in the province of Warzaw, on a railroad, 17 miles west of
Warsaw. Its population was 6,416, engaged in the manufacture of matches,
nails, screws, bricks and flour,and it was also known for sawmilling.

Where We Once Walked and Chester G. Cohen's "Shtetl Finder"also lists
Blonie (also called "Bloyna.")

Without success I looked in my sources for "Doholucka" or a place whose
name resembled it. Thinking Doholucka might be a descriptive adjective I
also peeked in my small Polish dictionary but again, I could find nothing

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