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Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

Carol asked for private responses, but I too am interested in this line.
My late MIL, a member of Temple Emanuel (R) of Yonkers, NY also insisted
that she and her sister had no Hebrew names because it was not the custom
at that time.

It would be helpful for many of us to learn how other researchers have
coped with this.

Barbara S. Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

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Subject: Father's Hebrew name - temple Beth El - Detroit

I am trying to determine if my father (deceased) had a Hebrew name. I
contacted the synagogue, Temple Beth El in W. Bloomfield/Detroit,
Michigan, and was told, "Temple Beth El did not give out Hebrew names
during your Father's time. There were no Bat (sic) Mitzvah's until the

My father was born in 1921 and his family were long-time members of this
synagogue. Does anyone know what customs were followed at that time
regarding Hebrew names in a Reform synagogue, or Temple Beth El in

Thanks for any advice. Please reply privately unless of general
interest, and remove the word NOSPAM >from the email address.

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