Riga ghetto: looking for HIRSCHMANN #general

Robert Rosenbaum <rdr713@...>

We are searching for any information about Josefine HIRSCHMANN---also known
as Josefine GRUENFELD--->from Vienna. She was deported to Riga in January
1942 at age 44. She knew several languages and the Germans employed her as
a translator at the Riga train station. Her family received word that she
was seen alive a few weeks before the Red Army took control of the city in
1945, but no more was ever heard.

If any survivors of the ghetto can recall seeing Josefine or know any
specific information about her fate, would they please get in touch.

Robert Rosenbaum
San Francisco, Calif.

MORGENSTERN, BUCHSBAUM - Touste/Galicia --> Vienna
ROSENBAUM, GOLDSTEIN - Zaleszczyki, Galicia, Austria

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