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grandparents these "Mischlinge" (mixed breed) were declared to be half-
Aryan, quarter Aryan, seven-eighths Aryan etc.
I would like to add here that this type of horror is not totally
over in the world. Recently I found out that my Great Grandfather
on my mother's side was likely Jewish and immigrated to America.
Well, I made the mistake of telling my neighbors this one day
and much to my surprise a small number of them actually started
acting differently. To the majority of the folks it made no difference
but to a small group of "Christian" thugs I am now different.
They have placed me on Christian extremist mailing lists, and one
with a shaved head, possibly a "skinhead" yelled something at me
from down the street when I got out of my car one day. And there is
more, but I think you get the point.
This is my very first small personal experience with what many
Jewish people have dealt with for a long time. And it is not
totally over by a long shot. Here in North Texas, some nuts found
out I may have Jewish in my history, and that now means I should
be harrassed.
Truly pathetic. The one positive in it is that it makes me realize
that we should never forget how various people have been and at times
are still being persecuted.

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