Re: Town name: "Yezershani, Austria" #general

Susana Leistner Bloch

It is probably Jezierzany. It was part of Galicia (Austro- Hungarian
Empire). After 1918 it was part of Poland. It is now called Ozeryany
and is in Ukraine. Coordinates: 48°53´- 25°57´.

Jezierzany is included in the Suchostaw Region Research Group.You can see
the shtetlpage at:

Susana Leistner Bloch
Suchostaw Region Research Group
Kolbuszowa Region Research Group

Dear Genners,

Can anyone suggest what the name of this town would have been at that
time, and what it would be today, and also in what country, as it is
known today?

Written on the US naturalization document - June, 1913
Passenger arrived in NYC, aboard the S.S. Saale [which sailed
from Bremen] in July of 1893, from:
"Yezershani, Austria"

Thanks for your help.

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