Aharon Eliyahu EISENBERG (1863-1931) Pinsk-Rehovot, Israel #general

Golda Zewi

Searching descendants of Aharon EISENBERG (1863-1931) >from Pinsk, one of
the founders of Rehovot, and his wife Michal COHEN.

Michal Cohen's parents were Isac and Mirjam Cohen. Isac's father was Meier
Michel Cohen a cantonist in Tsar Nikolai I:s (ruled 1825-1855) army. Meier
Michel Cohen got a medal personally given by the Tsar with a kiss on the
forehead according to family lore.
Meier Michel had 9 daughters, one was Malke Braine my gggm, and 2 sons
Isac and one who took the name Rabinowitz to escape military and settled
in the USA.

Also searching other descendants of Meier Michel Cohen.

Please respond privately

Golda Zewi
Turku, Finland


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