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The Bielsk Podlaski ShtetLinks site has been updated with new

Two more letters to President Hoover >from the children
of Bielsk have been added to the site. One is >from the
children of Jewish Orphanage Number 4 in Bielsk. The
other is >from the children of Kitchen no. 4, Siemiatycze,
province Bielsk, Grodno Land. Each letter consists of
hand-drawn artwork with a note to the President and a
signature page. Thanks again to Tomy Wisniewski for
translating the letters and to Mindy Gross for
translating the Yiddish signatures of the children.
The letters were provided through the courtesy of the
Herbert Hoover Subject Collection of the Hoover
Institution Archives.

Also added is the complete 1928 40th Anniversary Banquet
Souvenir Journal of the Bielsker Bruderlicher Unterstitzungs
Verein, which consists of 76 pages containing membership,
officers and directors lists, photos of the
organizers, ex-presidents, officers, and committee members,
a history of the verein, poetry, advertisements >from
members, memorials, and a few pages that are either
in Yiddish or Hebrew. Thanks to Josh Watsky, whose
great-grandfather was a founding member of the BBUV,
for help in making these materials available.

You can visit the Bielsk Podlaski ShtetLinks site at


Andrew Blumberg

Researching: BLUMBERG >from Bielsk Podlaski and Bransk

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