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Dear colleagues

Some time ago I lodged Pages of Testimony in the names
of my murdered maternal GGM >from Odessa, and my maternal
GF's sister, Liza nee LANDO AJSENBERG (an opera singer),
and her brother Mikhael/Moshe LANDO, who all
perished in or near Odessa in early 1942.

However, until recently, I was not aware that two other
PoTs had been lodged in memory of Liza LANDO.

One PoT was lodged by my late GF's youngest sister,
who died in USA in 1993 - >from this I finally learned
Liza's married name (I think she may have been married
twice). Also I understand she was a widow when
she perished, apparently on a death march between
1941 and 1944, in Odessa or Odessa Province.

The other PoT was lodged in 1995 by Gila Henrietta
GROSSMAN, who at the time was living in Neve Yakov,
Jerusalem (no street address on the PoT -
only the street/apartment numbers). Gila said she was
related to Liza and that Liza's husband's given
name? was Myron (my translation >from the Cyrillic).

Although I think I know all our Odessa family surnames
I do not have any information about a GROSSMAN link.
But perhaps this was via marriage to a cousin, or ??
Apparently Gila GROSSMAN may have been somewhere
in Odessa Oblast during WWII.

Thanks to Sophie, who translated some of the information
from Cyrillic, and who checked out the Jerusalem
telephone book for me. However, Sophie advised that
there is no Gila Henrietta GROSSMANN listed in Jerusalem.

Does anyone know of this lady, or perhaps her relatives?
I would very much like to contact her and find out
how she is related to my late maternal GF's
family >from Odessa.

Please note - my real address is layakbtl at benalla
stop net stop au


Regards >from Downunder
Lorraine Bertelsen


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