Re: Names changes #belarus

Martin Miller <millerm@...>

Yes, indeed.

My grandmother's cousin came to the US with her children. Listed as the
oldest daughter is a person, who was definitely not a member of the
immediate family at least. And she didn't have the same last name, but there
she is listed as a daughter with the same last name. She was too old to have
been a daughter besides. I know who "the stranger" is because a Certificate
of Arrival is attached to her naturalization petition. The name is very
rare, and I thought I had found a new branch. I know her family. Lovely
people, but not my relatives.

I know for a fact that that happened. My mother came to this
country with a
friend of her sister. That friend used my mother's half-sister's
identification papers. I remember my mother telling me about her
half-sister's papers being used. It wasn't until I found my mother's
manifest that I saw the other person listed with her. Since we know that
Martin Miller in Syracuse, New York

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