Mishpocha Article About Bobruisk #belarus

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

In a message I posted earlier, I mentioned "Mishpocha", published in
Vitebsk. Some of their back issues in Russian can be found at:


#10 2001:

In looking at the table of contents of some of the issues using a
translation URL <http://www.translate.ru/srvurl.asp?lang=en> I found that
this publication has articles about places outside of Vitebsk. Their website
also has a bulletin board where people leave messages about families they
are searching.

The automatic translation of the Russian webpages is a bit "rough", but you
can certainly get the meaning. To give you an idea, just paste this very
large URL into your browser program and give it a try. Read this article
about Bobruisk:


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