edition and page numbers for Monitor Polski #general

Marty Meyers <meyers01@...>

I've found some family members listed in the Monitor Polski Court Survivor
Proclamations & Family Searches announcements.

In addition to writing to the court for more information (forms will be
available shortly according to a recent post >from Judy Baston), the
following text suggests that we can obtain copies of the relevant Monitor
Polski pages >from the library of congress.

The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland 'Search Results page provides
a link to the Monitor Polski project page where the following is stated:

"Researchers with an interest in obtaining photocopies of pages >from
Monitor Polski may obtain them >from the Library of Congress The search
results for each entry will include the edition and page number of the
Monitor Polski."

My searches came back with no indication of edition or page number.
Is there a timetable to provide this information in the search page responses?

Marty Meyers
< meyers01@comcast.net >

BORDOWITZ >from Przasnysz/Mlawa/Ciechanow/Makow/Pultusk/Wyszkow
ZYLBERMAN/SILVERMAN >from Przasnysz/Chorzele
MEYEROWITZ/POROSHKIN >from Bolshaya Berestovitsa (Belarus)
KIRSHNER/SIDMAN/BAILIN >from Slavuta/Volhynia/Ukraine
ZELMANOVICH/ROZENSZTEIN >from Poland (Przasnysz/Mlawa area?)

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