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<< I went back and read through some material. . . . . The father's name
was HaCOHEN VERONA . . .

==HaCohen is a status/title, not ever a personal name, and only very
rarely a family name. This man was a Cohen (member of the priestly sect),
the Cohen was not his personal name nor his surname.

I did find a note that VERONA is Polish for Black Crow.

==It very well may be. A better place to look for the possible origin of
many Ashkenazi (and Italian--if only Italy had been included) family names
is in jewishgen's shtettelseeker for all of Central & Eastern Europe:

I found the following in Belarus, alone; I imagine you might find quite a
few Verona sound-alike villages within 50 miles of your ancestor's home in
30 other countries. Remember, spellings will vary with the language of the
government then in power.

Varni (Vorne) 5427 2547
Voron' 5500 2838
Voron' (Kulishki) 5446 2558
Vorone (Voroni) 5150 2649
Voroni 5150 2649
Vorony 5509 3024
Vorony 5503 2705
Vorony 5446 2741
Vorony 5446 2558
Woronie (Voroni) 5150 2649
Worony (Vorony) 5503 2705
Worony (Vorony) 5446 2741

Michael Bernet, New York

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