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Peregrine Maitland <_roots_@...>

Barry is soooo very right, and those who are disposed to take a cavalier
approach toward web publishing of genealogical data might feel otherwise
when forced to defend what they've done in a court of law.

Peregrine Maitland
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(SNIP) The code used to generate the page can be
copied as well as the pictures. Google has an Images search section and
you might be surprised (or maybe not) on what can be found there, new,
old and extinct web site pictures.
One point to make to the Genners who say they remove info when
asked - it may be too late. Web pages search engines may have already
stored your data before you removed it. Take a look at I recently found a
web site in this archive that has not been on the Internet for many
years. It had a family picture I had been looking for since 2001- the
picture and all the family genealogy was still intact - a great find for
me. But if you think your web site is going away when you take it down
it just might not.

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