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GenAmi meetings : new sources, methods of research
-Lorraine : sunday 26 October a 5,30 pm
-South Ouest (Bordeaux, Bayonne) and
-Comtat-Venaissin : saturday 15 November a 4 pm
-Eastern Europe : sunday 7 December 5 pm

- GenAmi website has been several times updated.
It is possible to find new documents, especially members
who can send and look at new files.
Among the new documents : lists of Jewish electors in France
in 1744 (Many departements)

-The name of streets and the numbering of houses
of Paris by Mireille Pailleux

-The CERF family of Mittelbronn and the abolition
of the "pro more judaico" serment, by Jean THEODORE
-The descendants of Jacob Moyse CERF of Mittelbronn
by Micheline GUTMANN

-The Jewish upper class and the Bottin Mondain
by Cyril GRANGE

-Belgium : some generalities about Jewish cemeteries
Biography and genealogy of the Belgian general
Louis Isaac Henri Bernheim, by Claude GEUDEVERT and
Micheline GUTMANN

-The tree of the family El HAIK of Tunis,
an original genealogical tree in Hebrew.
Descendants of Yosef El HAIK, by Monique SAVY

-Acquisitions : many books concerning Bayonne and Bordeaux

Reviews of genealogy
Some communications
Questions and answers and
Descendants of Moyse-Gerschon of Gunstett
by Micheline GUTMANN

Micheline GUTMANN, Paris, France
Site GenAmi :

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