Boat "Roma" 1927 #general

Merv & Naomi Barnett

Hello List

I am looking for information regarding the boat "Roma". I have received
information that my mother arrived in Jaffa, Palestine on 15 December
1927. It departed >from Constanza on 16 November 1927. Is there
anywhere I can see a picture of this vessel, and is it possible to find
a passenger list?

L'shana Tova

Naomi Barnett
Melbourne, Australia

BARNETT Vilna, Leeds, Rhodesia, Australia
BRZINSKI/ROSE Leeds, Australia
COHEN Manchester, Australia
REIZER, Grodno, Palestine, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, California
ROSE Leeds, Australia
VOLSHTEIN, Zelve (Grodno gubernia), Palestine, New Zealand, Australia

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