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<< Subject: [Ellis Island] Manifest Notations
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 14:19:50 EDT
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On a February 26, 1914 manifest, there are handwritten notations
overlapping the "Calling or Occupation" column - apparently done at a
later time - for three relatives as follows:

2-962767 3/16/42
2-802141 5/21/41
2-875533 5/12/41

The latter two were done by the same person, the first was in a different
hand. These entries were children whose mother who was also listed, but
had no such notation.

Does anyone have any idea what these notations might have meant?

Thanks, in advance!

Dr. William Saxton (Bill)
Boca Raton, Florida >>

When one applied for Naturalization he/she was asked the date of arrival
and ship name. (Usually done at time of Declaration of Intent)

The clerk of court sent to INS for confirmation, and INS sent a statement
showing exact date and ship (memories were not always adequate). INS
recorded on the ship's manifest a query number and date.

This notation date gives you an idea of when the person naturalized - and
that he did indeed apply.

Al Luftman Natick, MA

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