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Much of the information people are looking for can be found on the SIG
website. There are many search tools that Edward has added to help you find
what you want, but it does take some effort on your part.

As for what records are available, there are several web pages that might

One for the National Historic Archives of Belarus (Minsk) holdings is found
at <>. While you will have
to take some time to scroll through the page or use the "find" feature of
your web browser (under Edit-> Find in Internet Explorer), you can locate
what is available in the Minsk archive as well as the reference as to were
it is filed in the archive. Some of these records have been filmed by the
FHL, but others have not. The FHL has on-line finding aids where you can
see if the records you want have been filmed. In this way you can request
the specific films that have what you want.

Here is some of what is in the NHAB (Minsk) for Orsha and Gorki:

Dobromysl' Jewish Community (Dobromysl', Orsha county, Mogilev province)
F.2403 1 files, 1854
- Registers of marriages
? Dubrovna petty bourgeois Community (Dubrovna, Gorki county), Mogilev

F.2672 1 files, 1871
Dubrovno Jewish Community (Dubrovno, Orsha county, Mogilev Province)

F.2458 1 files, 1862
- Lists of recruits

Lyady Jewish Community (Lyady, Gorki county, Mogilev province)
F.2451 1 files, 1899
- Registers of births

F. 3410 44 files, 1841-1917
(acts transferred >from Brest and Mogilev regional civil registry archives)
inventories: 1-3 (Metrical books) of Mogilev region
(acts received >from Mogilev region civil registry archive 05.08.1993)
Series 2 Mogilev synagogue, 1841-1917, 26 files, metrical books of Jewish
communities of Mogilev region:
- Metrical books of jewish communities of Gorki region:
15 Metrical books of Jewish marriages Gorki region, 1894-1917
16 Metrical books of Jewish deaths of Gorki region, 1894-1917
17 Metrical books of Jewish births of Lyady, 1893-1898
18 Metrical books of Jewish births of Lyady, 1900, 1909-1917
19 Metrical books of Jewish births of Lyady, 1901-1902
20 Metrical books of Jewish marriages of Lyady, 1891-1915
21 Metrical books of divorces of Lyady, 1881-1917
22 Metrical books of deaths of Lyady, 1891-1917
23 Metrical books of births of Romanov jewish community, 1897-1912,
24 Metrical books of marriages of Romanov jewish community, 1897-1912, 1915,

F.3026 93 files, 1855-1917
- Metrical books
Orsha Jewish Community (Orsha, Mogilev Province)

Staryy Tolochin Jewish Community (Staryy Tolochin, Orsha county, Mogilev
F.2413 1 files, 1861
- Registers of births

On 1/12/03 Olga Davydova wrote:
My question is - in your experience, how likely it is that records >from other
places in the gubernia will show up in the booksof Mogilev proper? FHL has
more microfilms on Mogilev, but nothing for Gorki or Dubrovna. Does it make
sence to spend more money and time (which is more important for me) looking
through Mogilev books?
I will appreciate any advice in the matter,
If the records you want have not yet been filmed, you have three options:
1. Travel to Minsk and do the research yourself, since you appear to be able
to read Russian (Cyrillic) script.
2. Hire a researcher in Belarus to do the research for you.
3. Contact the NHAB (Minsk) and have them find what you want.

You should also know that the Belarus SIG has embarked on a major project to
extract, translate, and put into the All Belarus Database the records from
the Minsk archive that have been filmed by the FHL
<>. While we have
started with only 13 rolls of film that have been converted to CD, we will
be getting more rolls converted for the project when the first group has
been completed. If you or anyone else who has the skills to read the old
Russian script would like to volunteer to help work on this project, please
contact Irene Kudish <>, the Translation Project

David Fox
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Belarus SIG Coordinator
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